Breakfast Beer

Breakfast Beer

What kind of beer would you drink for breakfast? Here are a few possibilities made by Craft brewers:

Toppling Goliath's Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout, made with coffee

Tree House's Good Morning, a stout made with maple syrup

Founders Breakfast Stout, coffee flavor

Alesmith Speedway Stout, coffee flavor

Great Notion Blueberry Muffin, blueberry flavored

Great Notion Double Stack, pancake flavored
Arizona Wilderness Leggo my Eggo brewed with maple syrup, milk sugar, and biscuit malt

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break made with real doughnuts

Terrapin Cinnamon Roll'd Oatmeal Stout coffee flavored with cinnamon icing

Funky Buddha Morning Wood comes in two flavors; bacon and french toast. The “wood” is for barrel aging.

Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast made with mush, coffee, and maple syrup

Flying Fish Pork Roll Porter flavored with sausage

Kuhnhenn Cap'n Crunchberrie taste inspired by the cereal

Kuhnhenn Lucky Charms Lager taste inspired by the cereal

Kuhnhenn Cocoa Puffs Stout taste inspired by the cereal

21st Amendment Toast Pastry tastes like Pop Tarts

Cambridge Lox Up Your Daughters, no real lox, made with day old bagels