Beverage Bulletin August 2009

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August 1, 2009


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The legislature is on Summer recess during the month of August. There are a number of issues pending that will make it more difficult and expensive to do business. We will keep our eye on these when the session re-opens next month. Members are encouraged to read the Legislation section of our website and let the association know your opinions on the issues that affect you.


Quick Shots

Experian Insight Report says that customers don't trust retailers and are not as loyal as they used to be. 80% of shoppers are aware of prices. 32% say they will continue to cut back after the recession. “Customers will have to be won and re-won each day.” How to do this? IRI Consulting lists 7 ways to get through to today's customer.

  1. Shift merchandising out of the store and into the home. Customers are going online to find products, coupons, and make decisions.

  2. Get your information online. Customers are using Google, Facebook, and Twitter to get information before spending on the product.

  3. Focus on familiar products and brands.

  4. Good Enough” may be good enough. Customers are willing to accept more basic features in order to save.

  5. Customers will travel for a deal. They may try to combine several shopping trips to save gas, but will travel.

  6. Work with your suppliers to find new ways to get things done.

  7. Adapt to new customer habits. They are looking to save and will eliminate a purchase they don't feel is to their advantage.

The new customer profile. On their last shopping trip:

82% used coupons

75% stocked up on sale items

71% used the store flyer

64% used a list

52% looked for private label to save money



The President held a much publicized “beer summit” to settle racial tensions between a Harvard professor and a police officer after a mistaken arrest. What did they drink? President Obama drank Bud Light, Professor Gates drank Red Stripe, Officer Crowley drank Blue Moon, and VP Joe Biden drank non-alcoholic Buckler.


Wine Tastings and Industry Events

The Rhone Rangers tasting will be held in Santa Monica on August 9, The Family Winemakers will hold its Fall tasting at the San Francisco's Fort Mason on August 23 and 24. The San Diego Convention Center will host three trade shows August 30 to September 1; The California Foodservice and Hospitality show, All Asia Food and Beverage, and Comida Latina. These shows are some of the biggest trade events of the year. CBRA members are able to attend all of them for free. Contact the Association office for details.


Coming Promotions

Summer vacations will be over in just a few weeks. Labor Day is a great opportunity to sell party beverages for BBQs or get-togethers. Wines and Beer are good for extra sales this holiday.

CBRA Membership Remains Open

Now, more than ever, access to your industry is paramount. The CBRA is California's only statewide association of licensed retailers, and our membership continues to be open for the first time in 20 years.


At CBRA we deal with licenses and regulations that affect the beverage business on a daily basis. That's why CBRA offers practical solutions, unique products, services, information, and timely advice for both large and small beverage businesses. With reasonable fees, superior service, and associates that are easy to reach, CBRA helps you to run your business better and easier.

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